Our strong belief is that there’s only one way to achieve success with an export business in Latin America — with exceptional Market Intelligence. That’s when we step in. Thanks to our in- depth knowledge of the LATAM countries, our established network of contacts and experience in conducting business in the region, we will provide you with key market information.

Our research will help you:

Invest your time and money in the most efficient way.

Our reports will help you turn to the right companies that can become your long-term partners in the region. Our study has proven that with precise export consultancy it is possible for a European company to save up to 2 years while entering Latin American markets. 

Make the best decisions

after you will see a big picture of chosen markets with key players, main competitors, a range of distributed product etc.

Shorten the time needed to start or expand distribution of your products in the market.

We will provide you with information about distributors and resellers most suited to promote your products.

Choose the best products to distribute in the particular markets.

We will find out which types of goods from your sector are the most popular among consumers in the chosen countries and what their preferences are.

Prioritize your efforts.

With our reports it will be much easier for you to asses which markets are most relevant for you in terms of your products distribution.

With us you will get: 

Thorough knowledge about your sector in chosen Latin American markets to develop and conduct your business activities in the region.

Detailed information about your local competitors and products they offer.

Background data on how to access right distribution channels, understand local policies, product specifications, buyers, etc.


Finding right partners is often a crucial step for a European exporter to enter an overseas market and achieve success. Nonetheless, without contacts network, prior knowledge of local business environment, culture and language, it can be a time and money consuming process. Let us help you save your resources, using our market awareness, local contacts and research know-how to select right business partners for your company.

At the beginning, we listen to you and help work out a search profile. On that basis we can select potential partners for you in target Latin American countries.

Thanks to our expertise you will:

Get a straight way to a chosen market.

We will identify, contact and assess potential partners for you, so that you could start a conversation with right, already preselected companies.

Receive a list of potential partners from your sector.

We can inform them about your company, its’ area of expertise and your offer, so that you can focus on crucial activities to carry on your business.

Get a reviewed list of companies to meet with.

You can start organizing your business trip being sure that the companies you will meet are the right ones to help you establish or expand your presence in the market.


Visiting a target export market is usually a key point in the process of a company’s overseas activity development. It often involves a considerable investment and should be prepared carefully beforehand to meet the right people within their organizations and provide the assumed ROI. 

We can help you organize such visit:

Set up meetings with the right people to maximize the effect of your visit

Organize your schedule, including your trade show visit

Assist you during a visit to provide local insight and translations

Provide you with a brief before your trip – suggest some tips, so that your visit is even more efficient

On demand, we can also assess which trade shows are worth exploring and visit them for you to collect relevant data and prepare a report

Organize your participation at a trade show, from the beginning to the end


In order to successfully export to Latin America it is crucial to get to know your target markets. We eagerly provide dedicated trainings or consultancy sessions for companies that wish to expand their knowledge of the LATAM economies to improve their chances for success. 


Most important factors that determine success of a European exporter in the LATAM region

What is crucial for a European company to start exporting to Latin America

General knowledge about the LATAM region – history, culture, economy, diversity

Chosen countries and their specifics, i.e. Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, etc.

We will be happy to discuss a specific training content to prepare tailored offer for you.

other services

Lead generation 

Project management

Business development support

Representation in the market

Translation and localization

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