about us

We are an independent, boutique consultancy company that helps European exporters enter Latin American markets or strengthen their commercial presence in the region.

Since 2012, we have been working with LATAM markets. We take pride in our wide network of partners and associates in the continent, as well as familiarity with local business environment. This background enables us to provide verified, trustworthy and useful market data for our partners.

With a landing strategy based on relevant expertise, we can help you make proper decisions and accelerate your time to market. You are an expert in your product. We are experts in LATAM markets. Let’s join our forces for the benefit of your business.

who we are

We are a team of experts and Latin America enthusiasts providing European exporters with bespoke services to help them reach LATAM markets with their products or expand in the region.

Our mission is to help our customers establish and maintain satisfactory, long-term business relations with partners from Latin America.

and I’m the company founder.

In my experience I combine knowledge about LATAM markets with expertise in international trade.

For more than 10 years I’ve been working with EU exporters providing services in business development and market research. Since 2012 I’ve been cooperating with Latin American companies from Argentina to Mexico, helping European exporters expand in the LATAM markets with their products. During that time, I had an opportunity to visit the continent over 50 times, traveling for business to Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Panama and The Dominican Republic. I also held projects with companies from Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela.

I participated in over 20 trade shows in LATAM countries, both as an exhibitor and a visitor, learning the specifics of the business culture in Latin America. I also had a pleasure to organize a few commercial events, among others, in Rio de Janeiro and Panama City.

Thanks to this journey, I know how challenging it is for European exporters to start distribution in the continent without proper preparation, knowledge on local business environment and contacts network in chosen countries. I founded LATAM Consulting to help my customers overcome obstacles in entering Latin American markets with their products. 


To choose the best path to reach the LATAM markets.

Business in Latin American countries is very personal. The region is known for large diversity, it is very often difficult to reach reliable and verified information. Our long-standing presence in the continent helps us effectively navigate through the LATAM business world.

To shorten the time needed to start selling your products in Latin America.

Thanks to our business development experience in the region, language skills, local business and culture awareness, we can help you accelerate your expansion into LATAM markets considerably.

To optimally invest your company resources.

With our services you will be able to focus on the markets most promising for your business to provide the best ROI.

To get useful information about Latin American markets.

After many years of local markets study, with experience in business development and wide contacts network, we are able to collect key information for our customers to expand in the LATAM region.

To stay ahead of your competition.

Thanks to our services, you will have tools to reach the markets much faster and establish satisfying long-term relationships with partners from Latin America.

how we work

We focus on delivering bespoke solutions to companies seeking ways to enter Latin American markets or expand their business presence in the region.

Our methodology consists of the following steps:


We carefully define our partner’s specific needs. After a remote consultation or a direct meeting, we prepare a brief consisting of a project assumptions summary. Next, we cross check it with our partner and define specific project goals.


We prepare a tailored offer including project goals, its time frames and expected results.


After the official “go ahead”, we start the project. At each stage we report the project status to our partner.


The final outcome of the project is presented to our partner.


We follow up the project with additional services (if desired/ necessary). 

Contact us for more details: contact@latamconsulting.eu

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